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One of the biggest mistakes we've seen clients do is to hire our firm AFTER they have already signed their contract.  When it comes to contracts, nothing could be more appropriate than the phrase - "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

If you bring the contract to us BEFORE you sign it.  This gives us the opportunity to:

  • Review the contract
  • Negotiate out terms that are unfavorable to our clients
  • Negotiate to add in terms that are favorable to our clients
  • Address issues in the contract that the client, the other parties and their respective agents may not have thought about
  • Put in mechanisms that protect our clients from losing money or that will save them money during the deal

We have seen countless occasions where we able to easily negotiate provisions that saved our clients thousands of dollars when they got to the closing table.

On the other hand, we have also seen countless occasions where a potential client or their agent calls us on the phone and asks us to address a problem that has cropped up.  Sometimes we can help, but often we have to tell the potential client or their agent there is nothing we can do because we have no flexibility under the terms and provisions of the contract.

When it comes to home sales or purchases, many buyers, sellers and their agents do not get a lawyer involved in the transaction, even though the sale or purchase may be one of the largest financial transactions of their entire life.  They are afraid of legal fees and they fear a lawyer will make the deal more complicated.  We think it is much smarter to have a lawyer spend a little time looking over the deal, as they can often prevent problems, rather than cause them.