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Our firm most often gets involved in financing and refinancing of commercial deals.  We are experienced in negotiating loan terms and provisions.  Additionally complex, commercial real estate transactions often have special lender requirements, especially on Conduit Loans, that must be met.  Some of these requirements are:

  • Proper structure of the borrowing entity or entities
  • Making sure surveys of the property meet the lender's requirements
  • Providing opinion letters that lender's requirement of a borrower's legal counsel

Some of the more complex real estate loans are referred to as conduit loansConduit loans are where the lender sells loans they have made to issuers on Wall Street who then group them together and issue mortgage-backed securities that are secured by those loans.  This is a way for investors to buy into the real estate market without actually having to purchase real estate. 

On all your commercial loans (especially on conduit loans), our experience can actually save you money.

Here's how:

  • We can refer you to knowledgable commercial mortgage brokers who know how to get your transactions done and to help you get the best loan terms
  • We can put your properties into the appropriate, single purpose, bankruptcy remote entities often required by most commercial lenders, especially conduit lenders
  • We can structure your 1031 exchanges so they meet not only the complex IRS requirements, but also the complex requirements of your lender
  • We can structure Tenancy-In Common ( TIC ) arrangements between you and your fellow investors so that they can complete their 1031 exchanges as they are going in and have the flexibility to do a 1031 exchange on the way out, all while meeting your lender's complex requirements
  • We save you legal fees with your lender because we know how to satisfy the lender's attorneys efficiently, so that they don't have to spend as much time on the deal - LESS TIME EQUALS LESS FEES
  • We save you legal fees because we work efficiently, thus avoiding the need to do something twice
  • We can handle your transactions in Arizona and Texas by ourselves.  A large percentage of current real estate deals are taking place in those states.  If your deal is in another state, we can still help you by handling many phases of  your transaction and associating with an attorney who is licensed in the appropriate state as necessary to complete your deal

Commercial mortgage brokers love us.  Commercial mortgage brokers don't get paid until the deal is done.  We get their deals done with fewer headaches and they get paid.  That's why they love us.  Commercial lenders love us for the same reason.