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Tax planning is something upon which our firm prides itself.  All too often we have seen clients tell us their attorney suggested they speak with their CPA to get advice as to the tax consequences of the deal the attorney was structuring.  When our firm structures a deal, we strive to incorporate prudent tax planning into the deal structure.

Quite simply, most attorneys are not CPAs.  Most CPAs are not attorneys.  By having been trained first as a CPA and then as an attorney, Stanley F. Bronstein can look at your transactions from both sides.

We have frequently had other CPAs, other attorneys, title companies, lenders and 1031 exchange accommodators tell our clients something couldn't be done.  Upon hiring us, we were able to explain to the client and to all the other parties involved how to properly structure the deal so that the client's needs were met and unfavorable tax consequences could be reduced, if not eliminated.

Some areas where we can help are:

  • 1031 tax deferred exchanges ( Like kind exchanges )
  • Structuring Tenancy in common ( TIC ) arrangements to meet the strict IRS requirements for 1031 exchanges, yet provide you and your fellow investors with the flexibility you need to get your deal done
  • Showing you how to use single member LLCs as disregarded entities to simplify your tax reporting requirements, yet still provide you with the additional liaiblity protection that owning your properties in separate LLCs (and not in your personal  name) can provide
  • Showing you how proper use of a S Corp in certain circumstances can help reduce your payroll tax / self-employment tax liabilities
  • Structuring your real estate purchases to help you take advantage of IRS depreciation rules by using cost segregation techniques to increase depreciation deductions and writeoffs

Those are just some of the ways we can help.  However, the time to do most tax planning is BEFORE you enter into the transaction, not afterwards.

Additionally, some tax planning strategies often take a few years before they begin to provide benefits.  Consequently the time to plan is now !