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Law & Accounting Offices of Stanley F. Bronstein
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: (480) 797-5547

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We pride ourselves in our tax preparation services.  This is one area where our experience as attorneys helps us as we handle CPA functions for our clients.

Here's how:

  • We can help them structure the deals, up front, to make it easier for them when it comes time to prepare their taxes
  • Because we often were involved with the client's transaction as their attorney, we already understand many of the details without the client having to explain them to us again.  This saves our clients time and money
  • Even if we were not involved with the client's transactions as their attorney, we can often more easilly interpret the complex deal structures to ascertain the proper tax treatment of said deal

We advise our clients to act conservatively when preparing their income tax returns, as we believe it is smarter to play it safe and avoid problems.  Our firm believes that it is not prudent to act in an overly-aggressive manner, when smart, advance planning will quite often meet the client's needs and desires.

Tax returns we typically prepare are:

  • 1040 - Individual Tax Returns
  • 1065 - Partnership Tax Returns
  • 1120 - Corporation Tax Returns
  • 1120 S - Subchapter S Corporation Tax Returns
  • 1041 - Fiduciary Tax Returns
  • 990 - Non-Profit Entity Tax Returns
  • 1120 H - Homeowner's Association Tax Returns
  • 709 - GIft Tax Returns
  • 706 - Estate Tax Returns

While we focus primarily in Arizona and Texas, we can prepare your Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) federal returns as well as tax returns for most states.