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Law & Accounting Offices of Stanley F. Bronstein
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: (480) 797-5547

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If you are interested in either setting up your own private placements for the purchase of real estate and/or the development of that real estate, we can assist you:

  • In structuring your deal
  • Reviewing the current laws on securities law exemptions for private placements meeting certain criteria
  • Assist you in structuring your deal to meet the requirements of said securities law exemptions
  • Preparing your private placement memorandum for distribution to potential investors
  • Maintaining the necessary paperwork and records on your behalf to comply with the securities laws for private placements
  • Helping you find investors

Additionally, from time to time our clients are looking for investors in their deals, so if you are interested you may wish to contact us at (480) 827-2529 or sending us email by Clicking Here.